The Flight of the Dragonfly in Front of the Sun | Joan Miro, 1968

     "I fled to the absolute...I wanted my spots of paint to be open to the magnetic beckoning of the void...

       I was interested in the void, in perfect emptiness.”

These songs are my attempt to translate that feeling of being awake yet on the fringe of dreaming -

hyper-sensitive and balancing delicately between the situations of life. In that moment you can achieve

(what feels like) a perfect kind of lucidity; an awareness of everything as it actually is. It is a rare and

beautiful place to be. Cohen talks of this feeling as being in a 'state of grace', and those words are about

as fitting as I can find or have found thus far.


1) Gymnopedies: III. Lent -  Yuji Takahashi (Satie: Pieces Por Piano)

2) Horn - Nick Drake (Pink Moon)

3) A Cloud to the Back - Sam Prekop (Self Titled)

4) Pink Holler - Papa M (Live from a Shark Cage)

5)....and the streets were quiet - GLC (either way, here we are)

6) La Vida Está En Otra Parte - Bélver Yin (Luz Bel)

7) Flatiron - Suzanne Kraft (Talk From Home)

8) Calisson D'Aix - Jaques Default (Baphyanas Brasileyras 1)

9) Shadow (Kettenkarussel Remix) - Chromatics 

10) hum in the heart of a dreaming - offthesky & the humble bee (we were the hum of dreams)

11) Música Callada, Book II: Lento cantabile - James Rushford (Música Callada)