Lewis Bassett, Copywriter and Marketing Consultant
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I’m Lewis Bassett, a copywriter and marketing consultant who can help you…

Increase Conversions, Put Together Sales Funnels… And Grow Your Business

I’ve consulted with, and written copy for, clients from countries all over the world… in various different info-publishing niches, including, relationships/sex, real estate and fashion. All my clients are mature and successful entrepreneurs. And they all love what they do.

I’ve also contributed a module to Perry Marshall’s “Consulting Accelerator” course.

We’d have to jump on a call to make sure I can be of help to you… but here are some of the things I can do for you:

Write sales copy for new and established products, or relaunches:
(I can write/rewrite your sales letters, autoresponder emails, squeeze pages, scripts for video sales letters and webinars, and other persuasive copy.)

Critique your current copy:
(Often, it just takes a small change to dramatically multiply the results you’re getting from your existing copy. A new headline alone can easily double response.)

Analyse and improve your sales funnel, and overall marketing strategy:
(Even mediocre copy can produce outstanding results for your business… if it’s used as part of a wonderful strategy, married with excellent positioning. But outstanding copy won’t do a thing for you if your strategy is flawed.)

Does this sound helpful? If so, let’s schedule an appointment, so we can talk.

The initial call should be around 15 minutes. I’ll learn more about you and your business, and we’ll be able to see how I can best help you.

At the end of the call, it will be apparent whether or not we’re a good fit. (If I can’t help you, I’ll be happy to refer you to someone else who can.) And there is no cost for this consultation, or for any of the ideas and strategies you’ll come away with.

To schedule a 15-minute consultation, call +1 800 354 59 52. Or simply use the contact form to send me three convenient dates and times over the next seven days.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Lewis Bassett
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant
US Phone: +1 800 354 59 52
UK Phone: +44 800 270 76 73